Aurora Event 2003.10.29

Steve, Andy and I took these pictures using a Nikon Nikkormat camera from my back yard on the night of 2003.10.29. Once the clouds rolled in we could see a faint glow in the clouds and at that point we decided to pack it in. It will not be a experience we will soon forget.

The digital pictures are here

Camera setting were:
Aperture: F-2.8, ISO: 800, Focal Length: 28mm, Shutter speed: 5 to 20 seconds.

Click on the images or links to access the full size pictures.
Pictures average ~726K each so give it time to load.

Aurora: 01
Aurora: 02

Aurora: 03

Aurora: 04

Aurora: 05
Aurora: 06
Aurora: 07

Aurora: 08

Aurora: 09

Aurora: 10
Aurora: 11
Aurora: 12

Aurora: 13

Aurora: 14

Aurora: 15
Aurora: 16
Aurora: 17

Aurora: 18

Aurora: 19

Aurora: 20
Aurora: 21
Aurora: 22

Aurora: 23

Aurora: 24

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