ARUBA 2008

Aloe Farm

Ayo Rocks

Near the Gold Mine

Sea Chicken

Blue Fish

Hanging around

Getting drunk

Building cocoon

Butterfly Farm

Looking Northeast

Color Fish

Eating out of your hand

Eating out of your hand

Yearly engine block photo

Fallen Natural Bridge (collapsed on September 2, 2005)

Not toothpaste but Snorkel Snacks

Pretty Fish

Blue Fish school

Little fish school

These are the people that always told me to get back from the edge

Green Fish

Heading South

And you thought they grew there

California Lighthouse


Mom & Dad

Moon and Venus

Morey Eel

New Natural Bridge

New Palm Tree

Pelicans at night

Pencil Fish

Petting the turtle

Week 6 room view

East side

Sargent Major

Storm coming





Trying to get wet

Why are they looking at me like that?

Wild goats

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